Julio Degregorio
Finance Manager – VERIFONE

Advice Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey is an important tool in VeriFone S.A.’s daily decision making. It allows us to visualize clearly and precisely the compensation policy and the markets benefits information, contributing with a very important vision about the positioning of our company in the market. It is an essential point of reference in remuneration policy’s aspects, giving us reliable information. This information is a substantial aspect in the actual competitive labor market.

Florisman Porrás
Administration and Finance Manager - Williams & Cía.

It was very positive for us because we could compare the salaries we pay with the ones paid in the market and adapt ours to the trend.

Daniela Alonso
Human Capital Manager – Pronto!

Pronto! Reward’s policy is aligned to the Business’ and Human Resources’ Strategy. Its design takes into account the contribution to macro objectives, reinforcing excellent performance and constant improvement, with a clear goal-oriented attitude. It contemplates the different contribution and role that every person makes to the business, following the Balance ScoreCard logic, establishing a balance between individual and group results, looking for the culture we want. We try to balance the relationship between internal equity and external competitiveness, trying to attract, maintain and motivate strategic and operational positions, according to the company’s goals. This determines the different Career Paths that the company develops systematically. In this way, it is and has been essential to have the information that allows us to reach our goals. This is why, Pronto! takes part in Advice Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey, which enables us to deeply analyze the market and make decisions that serve to the growth of our business.

Yamandú Castrillón
Human Resources Manager – Posadas, Posadas & Vecino

Advice Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey is very useful tool to manage our people. As you know, we understand that remuneration is a component of satisfaction and motivation. This is why we can’t afford to be “hygienic” at the moment of making decisions that refer to economic compensation. When doing selection processes we are consulting permanently to make decisions for different positions. When we make our annual evaluation and we have to make decisions about incentives, promotions and adjustments, that´s when Advices Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey helps us. On the other hand, as we take part as a professional services company, there is information of positions that we identify with ours that in some cases are specific. This year we will take part again and we hope that they keep it.