About Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey

Specific sectors and segments

In competitive environments, it is highly probable that to attract and retain certain talents into the organization, schemes of fixed and variable remuneration and benefits should be offered. To achieve reliable information when designing pay systems, resorting to informal sources is not suitable.
Systematic surveys with appropriate segmentation of labor charges and sectors provide a mapping of possibilities and alternatives of pay to ensure the right decisions.
The presentation of data is the same in the Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey and in its update. Participants and purchasers of the survey can have access to the information through this web page with a password that Advice will provide them.

Reliable data

The practice of referencing salaries at the time of hiring or establish a structure through simple wage perceptions of information from contractors or from informal sources, not always help to make decisions, with the implicit risks over time.

Market Information

Over 60% of recruitment companies take value of compensation market. Remuneration and benefit packages are still essential when attracting, retaining and motivating the human capital of an organization.

Trends an Updates

Through its regular update, Advice Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey allows management to make appropriate decisions to reorient its policies and practices according to market trends and positioning as a company within the global market or sector.

Participating companies and acquirers in previous years and in the current issue

Advice establishes Participation and Confidential Contracts with its clients, so that the Pay Scorecard - Remuneration Survey sample have companies that reserve their right to present the name of the company, maintaining the confidentiality. The companies are divided in the following sectors: Financial Services, Chemical-Laboratories, Professional Services and Hotel Sector